The PlantMat

Introducing an exciting new product from Plant Nappy; the PlantMat® is dawning a new era in hydrocarbon absorption.

The PlantMat instantly begins turning oils and fuels into a solid mass within a textile and is also the most cost effective polymer technology available on the market.



Utilising Soliditex® Technology

A brand new composite developed from the ground up to replace existing polymer technologies by using purpose made polymers that not only turn fuels and oils into a solid mass, but effectively offers horizontal and vertical wicking for lightening fast reaction times. Not only does this offer 100% oil/polymer contact, but the sophisticated construction prevents uncontrollable swelling of the Mat with no layer separation keeping everything contained. This patent pending composite also means that water doesn't stand static in the substrate, preventing oils and fuels from being absorbed.

The Ultimate All Weather Solution

The PlantMat has been developed to compliment the market leading product: PlantNappy. By working in conjunction with each other, they offer all weather environmental protection. When risk of rainfall or water contact is high, the PlantMat can be placed inside a Plant Nappy. This allows unrivalled water filtration through the Plant Nappies sidewalls whilst at the same time immobilising oils and fuels.


MAT-S - small size Plantmat - absorbency up to 3L
MAT-M - medium size Plantmat - absorbency up to 6L
MAT-L - large size Plantmat - absorbency up to 24L

Locks oils and fuels in place


Robust construction

Introducing Soliditex® Technology to offer superior performance

Hi-Vis color for easy identification

Strategically placed loops for easy placing / retrieval of the mat

Carefully sized to be effective when used independently, or in conjunction with the award winning PlantNappy®

Clean water allowed to escape with as little as 2.6ppm total hydrocarbons when used with a PlantNappy

Manufactured in-house in the UK

Multiple sizes available

Offering exceptional oil retention of up to 75 litres

Fire Retardent

The product’s materials have been chosen to be self-extinguishing.

High Strength

Plant Nappy is made from the toughest materials, whilst also being portable and flexible.

UV Resistant

Excellent resistance to colour fade and UV breakdown.

Abrasion Resistant

To withstand the harshest of site environments, and still perform


"At McNab we want to be known for having the best practices in building, safety and the environment. Plant Nappy is one product that gives us this advantage. Plant Nappies are lightweight and easily moved around the site, they are also strong enough to last on our construction sites.

Our construction site is located next to a natural waterway. Plant Nappy gives you the peace of mind working on the Sunshine Coast where we often get afternoon storms and heavy down pours. Knowing that the “drip tray” will never overflow and only clean water will be discharged brings peace to mind."

Adrian Wyatt (Site Manager)

"I have used Plant Nappy products for the past 5 years and they have never let me down. I have used a variety of their products and found the support and service to be professional and prompt.

I have often sought advice on what product would best suit my application and the team at Plant Nappy have always helped and guided me in the right direction. They make spill control easy and one less thing for me to worry about on the project.

The products have helped me stay compliant with the client and statutory requirements and have always outlasted their designed life span."

Shane Gale (Director)

"Plant Nappies are an innovative and effective way for spill containment. Aramira Civil Engineering Pty Ltd uses them for all small plants such as generators and provide peace of mind that we are meeting all of our environmental obligations. They are cost effective and durable.

Furthermore the service from Plant Nappy Australia is first rate. Andrew is an excellent communicator and provides products quickly and offers any further support that may be needed.

We unconditionally recommend Plant Nappy"

Nicolas McConnell (Aramira Civil)

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